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How I Can Help You Get the Most Roof for Your Money

 When I visit your home or facility, we'll begin with a brief discussion of your concerns and objectives.  Are there recurring problems with your existing roof?  Are you worried about an older roof?  Are you sprucing up to sell?  Maybe you've decided your home is ready for a fresh new look by replacing your old roof with one of the many attractive specialty or designer-type shingles on the market. 

I will inspect, diagram, photograph, and measure your roof, paying particular attention to any areas of concern.  Based on our discussion, and the results of the inspection, I will recommend the appropriate solution or options.  I will prepare a written "Scope of Work"  which describes the materials and procedures that are necessary to satisfy your current roofing needs.  We will invite qualified contractors of your choosing to submit proposals for the project, based on the same written scope of work.

You will select a contractor with whom you feel comfortable, and arrange for the work to be done.  When the project is completed, I will return to inspect the finished product on your behalf.  If any defects in material or workmanship are discovered, they will be documented and photographed, so that your contractor will have an opportunity to make corrections before you pay the final bill.



Purchasing a Home or Building?

Before you spend your hard-earned money on a new home for your family or business, insist on a comprehensive roof inspection by a qualified and experienced roofing specialist.  Starting at about $150, an objective written roof report documents the existing conditions of the roof system, identifying potential problems and solutions, and, in most cases, estimates remaining life expectancy.  Considering all the possibilities, its a small price to pay for your peace of mind!

Insurance Claims

When you need an objective assessment of a roof system failure or damage to your roof, count on Mr Roofer to thoroughly inspect, document, and report the facts. Whether you're a homeowner or a claims adjuster, accurate information is 100% guaranteed or you don't pay!